Videos of Fabrisol Kitchens

We create totally personalized kitchens with the latest advances to make the most of space and make your life easier.

Cupboard Tandem

Two in one cupboard, to make the most of the space and have everything twice as tidy.

Cupboard LeMans II

The “dead corner” comes to life! LeMans 2 is a very practical and attractive solution that takes advantage of the corner by gaining a lot of space.

FREElift eTouch system

The German company KESSEBÖHMER reinvents the lifting system for kitchen and bathroom furniture providing greater smoothness of movement and cushioning.

Cupboard Tandem Side

The German brand KESSEBÖHMER shows its solutions to maximize the lift in the kitchen furniture

Dispensa Junior III system

Discover this versatile and modular system to easily organize and arrange your food in the kitchen cabinets


A brilliant and simple solution with translucent slats that lift up silently giving access to the cabinet


An innovative, award-winning solution to gently put stored products within your reach


A very complete solution for ordering all types of products so that they are always easy to find


To have the drawers always tidy and configured to your taste, available in metal or wood of different colors

Snack sliding top

Versatile manual or electric sliding worktop system that can carry up to 80 kg.

Slide worktop

Sliding countertop to enlarge the work area or to sit down to eat in the kitchen

Prua ironing board

Pull out a 90 cm long ironing board from the hole that is normally used to assemble a drawer

T-Able system

T-Able is a new system for the extraction of a stainless steel table that supports up to 100 kg.

Cocktail table

Removable table system for the kitchen, expand the work area when you need it

Opla Top table

Removable table system to extend the kitchen work area to the same level as the worktop

Evolution XL table

Evolution XL is a telescopic system that deploys a large table for the kitchen

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